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  • review rating 5  Kelvin was awesome with helping get my phone fixed the same day! I had my iPhone screen damaged and they got it done in about 30 minutes! Also I have come by before and Ron is great with customers! Never had a bad experience! Keep up the good work Fixxit Tech!

    thumb Ian Temple

    review rating 5  Great environment and outstanding customer service. Would recommend to anyone who needs their device repaired! Amazing!!

    thumb milan patel
  • review rating 5  everytime i come here, i get nothing less than exceptional service! i would highly recommend! and they’re very quick for a very affordable price.

    thumb Tia Adams

    review rating 5  I took my tablet in because it stop charging. They ordered a charging port, then after looking at it they realized it was just loose. They could have easily said they replaced it but they were honest and tightened it. Saved me $140. I will recommend them and use them again.

    thumb Jeffery West
  • review rating 5  FixTech has been phenomenal over the years. Every time I crack my phone they are always able to repair and are affordable!!!!

    thumb Shanterror Doss

    review rating 5  I recently got my phone fixed by Apple, and immediately had issues. Apple refused to check it out since its now not under their insurance. I run my business and a phone is important. I was having multiple issues and literally Fix Tech solves my issues in 30 min. Best decision i made, super nice staff as well. Dustin was so kind, and really explained my issues. I literally was about to buy a new phone, and because of him I was able to save! If i could give them 10 stars I could.

    thumb AMY PATEL
  • review rating 5  The best customer service, competitive pricing, super quick turn around and overall best phone repair place I’ve been too! Must bring your phone/tablet to this company if in need of repair(s)! Thanks again!

    thumb Breanna Hankins

    review rating 5  Spoke with Austin who gave me great advise to get my IPhone X repaired and put on a tempered glass as well for added protection. Great service and prompt customer service!

    thumb Karen P.
  • review rating 5  Ron, thank you again for your exceptional service. I will be recommending FixxTech in future. I patiently waited for my IPhone 7 Plus screen replacement inside a very comfortable and clean establishment. Within a hour, I had my phone back looking better than ever. You have exceeded all my expectations sir. Thank you!!

    thumb Thomas Conroy

    review rating 5  Kelvin was awesome with helping get my phone fixed the same day! I had my iPhone screen damaged and they got it done in about 30 minutes! Also I have come by before and Ron is great with customers! Never had a bad experience! Keep up the good work Fixxit Tech!

    thumb Ian Temple
  • review rating 5  Fast service. As everyone knows, have to get my phone back fast. Can’t go without the Phone. Great staf. Friendly service.

    thumb richard pfannkuch

    review rating 4  Great Business with a respectable Owner. Although the first time I went here, there was a problem where the tech accidentally messed up my battery connection, the owner did an entirely new replacement for no charge. He was super helpful and even reached out from his personal number to see what was wrong and get me the right help. Hands down one of the best Customer Service experiences I have had at a Repair Shop

    thumb Shawn Simmons
  • review rating 5  Dustin was polite and professional. He quickly got my phone back up and running. I’m very pleased with the service.

    thumb James Ruth

    review rating 5  In town visiting family for Christmas when my son dropped his iPhone shattering the screen. The Pros at FixxTech quickly had the screen replaced and we were on our way. Highly recommend FixxTech for quick and affordable mobile phone repairs. These guys ROCK!!!!

    thumb Tom Landress
  • review rating 5  Love this place and I love Ronak! I always come here to get my phones to get my screens fixed and they always do such an amazing job!

    thumb Eva Cardozo

    review rating 5  Excellent customer service. Quick turn around, and great prices. I will definitely use this place again, if needed, in the future.

    thumb Dr. Brenda J. Smith
  • review rating 5  My son destroyed his phone's screen and as a last effort before purchasing a new one, I visited FixxTech. They were wonderful and they brought my son's phone back to life. Thank you so very much for the fantastic service! They were fast and the prices were great!!

    thumb Yashima Battiste

    review rating 5  Great service. The guys are very helpful and friendly. The place is neat and welcoming. Thank you guys! Good job!

    thumb Dr. Esther P. Boate
  • review rating 5  Staff are very friendly and helpful. Repaired my phone screen and replaced battery on same day I requested service for a very reasonable price. Will be returning with computer for upgrades.

    thumb Chris Frame

    review rating 5  I normally don’t write reviews, but I was very impressed with this establishment and Ron, the owner. I had 2 devices that were cracked and needed new screens. Everything went smooth for one but the other had a problem. Ron went out of his way, literally, to make sure the end product was to my satisfaction, even if it took over 3 days. I highly recommend this place and I know they hold up to their integrity. Great people and everyone is super professional.

    thumb Jamie Nguyen

The iPhone X has been prided itself for being the best iphone yet. We, however, doubt that. Firstly, yes it is a really good phone but there is a catch to it. Rigorous reviews has been conducted and all of them point in a similar direction. Iphone X does not really out do its predecessor or the iphone 8. The battery life is also not that great.

There are a few other things which are worrisome. Iphone X is also very vulnerable to glitched. The microphone and charging port are easily compromised.

However, we also understand the craze for it. It has been the most sought after phone since a long time. So when something goes wrong, you need the best repair services to get your phone functioning again.

This is where we come in the picture. We offer repair services for anything and everything concerning your IPhone X. You do not even have to book an appointment and can drop in at our showroom without notice. Our services are also very affordable. We aim to improve your user experience and make a living out of it.

iPhone x repair:

Our company aims to make this entire process very  hassle free and easy for you. Common issues faced by customers include things like malfunctioning microphone, volume button, camera or even charging port. People also have taken their iphones in water believing it is water-proof even when they clearly mention it is only water resistant.

Do not worry. Our company has been in business for quite some time. It is thus safe to say that we understand the intricacies of the work very well. We seek to make this entire process very hassle free and quick, so that you can go on with your day like nothing happened. We have also come up with a very  a unique toolset sin order effectively deal with all your phone repair issues.

Iphone X screen repair:

The iphone X sports a highly sensitive 5.8 inch Super retina display LCD screen owing to which it is is fairly easy to break or damage, even if you have extra tempered glass protection.

We have a dedicated team of workers that are adept at solving all your iphone X screen related issues. They will conduct a diagnostic exam to understand the exact cause of this malfunctioning, whether it is broken glass, OLED display issues and so on.

So, do not worry about investing in a new phone just because you have ruined your screen, we are here to help and will be there for you till you are satisfied with the end results. We have been in business long enough to guarantee 100% customer satisfaction.

iPhone X screen replacement:

iPhone X features a brand new design and edge to edge display. Now, this may be great for viewing videos and clicking pictures but on the other hand, it creates more opportunity for you to crack your phone.

When you work on a slashed phone, not only does it look bad, it also feels bad. You aren’t as productive. We totally understand your concern and have come with a unique solution. We aim to prove a one stop for all your issues. Our team is very adept at handling such issues. They can easily change your cracked screen with a new one.

With our 24 hour turnaround time, we pride ourselves at providing the best iPhone X repair services. So, contact us today and let’s get your iPhone X fixed.

Avoid Situations Where You Need To Get Your iPhone X Screen Repaired

Well, expensive phones like iPhone X do look classy and are quite efficient but you need to be very careful about the way you may handle it. Yeah, since they are pricey therefore slight damage to your iPhone X can cost you a fortune. The most delicate area is, of course, the screen so you need to extra careful about it. Finding a good and affordable iPhone X screen repair or replacement shop can help but as it is said precaution is better than cure; so try to avoid situations where you may have to search online for an “iPhone X screen repair near me”. Nowadays, getting a screen repair is easy but it is costly at the same time. So, handle your brand your iPhone X with extra care but if you fail to do so then you can always visit repair centers like Fixxtech, to get it done at a fair price.

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Specialized Services

We have certified level 3 repair technicians on site ready to help with any repair or device related questions. Please feel free to call or come in! We take experience very serious at FixxTech, each and every employee is certified to help and assist with any level device problem.

Faster Service

Your time is very important to us at FixxTech, we make sure each repair is done in a timely manner so that our customers can go back to their busy lifestyles! FixxTech Phone Loaner Program (FPL Program) : If your repair takes longer than 60 minutes, feel free to ask for a FREE loaner phone.

Low Price Guarantee

We ensure our Prices are low and our customers save money! Our team will try our best to find the most affordable and most quality part to conduct your repair, feel free to ask for ways to save money on parts! We LOVE McDonough, so our prices are always kept low to keep our customers happy and loyal!

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