iPhone 8 Plus Repair

The iPhone series by Apple has been one of the best smartphones you can invest in. iPhone 8 Plus is no exception. With the iOS 12 integrated into it, the functionality and speed are unparalleled. The 4.7 inch retina HD display with TrueTone makes operating the phone an absolute  joy,  and it’s 12 MP camera will enable you to click really high definition pictures and videos.

However, as compared to its predecessor iPhone 7, and even 6 for that matter, there have been only very minor incremental upgrades.

Therefore, when we are buying such a great phone, we need to take really good care of it. And our services will help you do just that. Our iPhone 8 Plus repair services will ensure your mobile is functional in no time.

Iphone 8 Plus repair:

There are so many things that could go wrong with your phone. The microphone, the volume button or the camera might stop working at any time! The iPhone 8 plus is relatively durable, but sadly, it is not immune to such problems.

We completely understand this point. We understand your worry of having to make do with a malfunctioning phone. To make it better for you, we are here to help. We have been in the business for quite some time to understand the ins and outs of your new iPhone 8 plus.

We are quick at detecting and rectifying the problem. Just drop in with or without any prior appointment, and tell us about your issue. In case you are not aware of the exact issue, we will conduct a diagnostic exam on your phone to detect the issue for you. Don’t worry, your phone is in safe hands.

iPhone 8 plus screen repair:

The iPhone 8 Plus screen appears to be durable and tough, but we don’t think so. We have had first hand experiences where the durability is under question. Also ,the screen is not water proof and its resistance seems to wear with age. So, don’t be shocked if a splash of water ruins your iPhone 8 plus.

However, we also understand the gravity of the issue. We aim to entertain all your screen issues and guarantee to fix them almost instantly. Our technicians are very adept at fixing any minor or major issue. We have a unique toolset to deal with all replacement related issues. We take pride in being quick and providing hasslefree services. Our technicians also conduct a diagnostic test to thoroughly examine your phone to detect the main cause of malfunctioning.

iPhone 8 plus screen replacement:

With bigger screens, comes bigger problems. The iPhone 8 plus is relatively easier to crack unless you have invested and secured your iphone 8 plus with a good and durable screen guard. It exponentially reduces the rate of breaking down, but it still looms.

We take pride in the fact that we have a very high success rate in dealing with these issues. We provide quick services, and make the entire process hassle-free. We are efficient at replacing the shattered screen with a clear and durable one to aid its functioning. Our services are rendered within a day, whenever you contact us! So, please contact us at the earliest, and get your iPhone 8 Plus problem fixed!

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Is your brand new iPhone 8 Plus is not working well? Does it lags too much? Is it having over heating issues? Does it not provide sufficient battery backup? Is something wrong with the mic or the speakers? Well, cell phones can be a bit tricky sometimes especially when they are not functioning as they are supposed to. This can be a frustrating situation for anyone. Don’t worry, there’s a solution for everything. If you are a screen problem then you must go online and type on a search engine – “iPhone 8 plus screen repair near me” and you will find many options to help you. You can consider the online reviews and ratings before choosing an iPhone 8 plus repair service for yourself. Fixxtech is a reputed iPhone repair service provider. Finding help online is quick and easy, try it now! 

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We have certified level 3 repair technicians on site ready to help with any repair or device related questions. Please feel free to call or come in! We take experience very serious at FixxTech, each and every employee is certified to help and assist with any level device problem.

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Your time is very important to us at FixxTech, we make sure each repair is done in a timely manner so that our customers can go back to their busy lifestyles! FixxTech Phone Loaner Program (FPL Program) : If your repair takes longer than 60 minutes, feel free to ask for a FREE loaner phone.

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We ensure our Prices are low and our customers save money! Our team will try our best to find the most affordable and most quality part to conduct your repair, feel free to ask for ways to save money on parts! We LOVE McDonough, so our prices are always kept low to keep our customers happy and loyal!

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