iPhone 7 Repair

iPhone7 was one of the most successful launches in the smartphone world, and why would it not be? The introduction of this  smartphone changed the way we use our devices. It had one of the best cameras and video resolution at that time. It could easily capture pictures in 12 MP, and videos in 14MP. The phone also has a great battery life, Retina HD display and amazing 3D touch capabilities.

It also features iOS 12 the version which is the one of the  most advanced mobile operating systems you will ever come across. This helps you have powerful new tools to make your iPhone all the more personal, and more ‘you’. Apart from all this, the iphone 7 is waterproof, dust safe and even features a better battery life- something that lacked in its predecessors. The phone is backed by one of the most sought out companies in the smartphone world- Apple. What else could you want?

Even though it is at the top of its class and better than most phones, like all other phones, iphone 7 is also susceptible to screen slashes and faulty parts. If any phone goes through some kind of damage, it does not take a lot of time for its screen to take the biggest impact. . And iPhone is no exception.

Today’s life is already so action packed and stressful that the last thing that you should be stressed about is a broken phone screen. This is where our company comes into the picture. We are here to solve all your iPhone related problems, and prevent you from spending that extra money on purchasing yet another phone.

Iphone 7 repair

Our company makes repairing your phone hassle-free and easy. There are a few things that could go wrong with your phone, such as a malfunctioning microphone, volume button, camera or issues with the charging port.In worst case scenarios it might so happen that you drop your phone in water multiple times. Do not worry. We offer great customer service and will try and mend your phone as quickly as possible.  Our company has selected and also custom created a unique toolset to fix all your phone related issues.

iPhone 7 screen repair

The iPhone 7 features an LCD screen which is fairly easy to break or damage. There are almost 40,000 cases worldwide where people have complained of a damaged screen. Sometimes it could have been caused by you, while other times your phone may have some malfunctioning.

Our company provides an easy solution for both. Just contact us, and drop your iPhone 7 at our showroom. We will look into the matter and delicately handle the phone. We are also known for being quick and will present you your fully functioning phone in not more than 24 hours. Have faith and carry on.

iPhone 7 screen replacement

The iPhone 7 screen is very durable, but sometimes it may crumble under pressure. Do not worry if you have broken the screen of your iphone.Till the time we are here, it can be fixed!  We have encountered so many situations where people have slashed their screens and are very worried. No need to stress yourself for something that can be easily fixed.

It is safe to say that our company specializes in repairing any sort of screen damage and replacement issues. You simply need to contact us and state your problem, and you are good to go. Our technicians are well-educated in this field and will instantly repair your screen.

Finding iPhone 7 repair service online is easy!

Well, it may dishearten you to say that your iPhone 7 is not working as it use to do but now you don’t need to worry about it, as finding decent iPhone 7 repair service is easy. Yes, everything is available online these days so no matter whatever the trouble is, you can always find a repair store for it near your home. Yes, if the display isn’t working or screen is broken then all you need to do is visit google, type your requirement that is – iPhone 7 screen repair near me or near my house and its done. It will automatically show you results of best iPhone repair service provider in your city, starting with the closest one to you. You can easily read the feedback of the customers and their ratings in order to judge their work. Thus, finding an iPhone repair service is must easier now!

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Specialized Services

We have certified level 3 repair technicians on site ready to help with any repair or device related questions. Please feel free to call or come in! We take experience very serious at FixxTech, each and every employee is certified to help and assist with any level device problem.

Faster Service

Your time is very important to us at FixxTech, we make sure each repair is done in a timely manner so that our customers can go back to their busy lifestyles! FixxTech Phone Loaner Program (FPL Program) : If your repair takes longer than 60 minutes, feel free to ask for a FREE loaner phone.

Low Price Guarantee

We ensure our Prices are low and our customers save money! Our team will try our best to find the most affordable and most quality part to conduct your repair, feel free to ask for ways to save money on parts! We LOVE McDonough, so our prices are always kept low to keep our customers happy and loyal!

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