Data and File Recovery in McDonough


FixxTech Computer Repair data recovery lab professionals are well versed in all types of data media failures.

If your device has any of the following problems, there is a good chance we can recover your data:

  • Clicking noises
  • Bad heads
  • Drive won’t mount on your Desktop (Mac)
  • Drive doesn’t appear in BIOS or Windows Explorer (PC)
  • “Flashing Question Mark” on Mac start-up
  • Broken USB connector or other interface
  • “Dead” (no power or noises)
  • Drive reads data extremely slowly
  • Smoking hard drive or smoking chips on PCB / circuit board
  • Water / Liquid Damage
  • HDD Firmware Corruption (0MB size, drive only partially readable, drive reads/write extremely slowly, etc.)
  • SSD Firmware Corruption (BAD_CTX errors, 8MB size, etc.)
  • “Stiction” (heads stuck to platters)
  • Weak motor/stuck spindle
  • PCB Replacement/Adaptation
  • Corrupt ROM
  • Corrupt NVRAM
  • Weak heads
  • Accidentally reformatted
  • Accidentally erased / trashed / recycled files
  • Corrupt file system or operating system
  • Missing or lost files
  • Virus infection
  • Data can’t be recovered by different computer repair shop/IT department
  • Data can’t be recovered or cloned with software data recovery tools
  • Encryption corruption (McAfee Endpoint Encryption, WinMagic, PGP Desktop, BitLocker, TrueCrypt, etc.)
  • Lost/missing/unknown hard drive password

We can recover all storage device interfaces: 


We can recover from all failed operating systems: 

  • Windows, Mac, Linux, DVR.

We can recover all partition types:

  • FAT, exFAT, NTFS, HFS+, ZFS, EXT, Novell.

We can recover all form factors:

  • 1″, 1.8″, 2.5″, 3.5″

We can recover from storage mediums:

  • Hard drives, SSD (solid-state-drive), RAID/SAN (multiple hard drives combined into one), Zip disk, NAS (network-attached-storage), 3.5″ floppy disk, SD card, MicroSD Card, CF Card, XQD Card, m.SATA, PCIe.


Bring your failed media for a diagnostic and then we can quote you a price with in 3 business days. Call For Pricing

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Specialized Services

We have certified level 3 repair technicians on site ready to help with any repair or device related questions. Please feel free to call or come in! We take experience very serious at FixxTech, each and every employee is certified to help and assist with any level device problem.

Faster Service

Your time is very important to us at FixxTech, we make sure each repair is done in a timely manner so that our customers can go back to their busy lifestyles! FixxTech Phone Loaner Program (FPL Program) : If your repair takes longer than 60 minutes, feel free to ask for a FREE loaner phone.

Low Price Guarantee

We ensure our Prices are low and our customers save money! Our team will try our best to find the most affordable and most quality part to conduct your repair, feel free to ask for ways to save money on parts! We LOVE McDonough, so our prices are always kept low to keep our customers happy and loyal!

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